An Interview with Bulaong Ramiz-Hall


Passionate about making it real and clear that Black Lives Matter, that Black Women’s Lives Matters, that Queer Black Women’s Lives more than matter, Bulaong Ramiz-Hall shares some of what moves her in this life work, what spirituality feels like in it and key epiphanies along the way. 

Unapologetic blackness, radical joy, resisting culturally enforced invisibility, these are urgent in her. 

An early impulse to fairness, to the justice of being seen that was formed both through the juxtaposition of stories passed down by her family with the stories that were missing from her young education. 

Spirituality as a connection to the ancestors through whose bodies and struggles and resistance her own body is here, living, breathing, struggling, showing up today. 

Beauty, joy, love, connection, these at the heart of all of it. 

Bulaong is the Director of the Multicultural Center at Amherst College. 


Lindsey Peterson