Some basics about the interviews

So, just some background on the None & Some Project interviews:

Who are the people being interviewed?

Basically, they are people I know, kind of know or have just met. I mention the None & Some Project and they are curious. When I ask, might you be up for being interviewed, they have said "sure".

There's a slight weightedness toward interviewing "younger" folks - 35ish and younger. As I am particularly curious about how we are remaking the landscape of what used to belong more clearly within the bounds of "religion". But I am happy to talk with folks of all ages and you'll see that reflected in the None & Some interviews.

What's the style of the interview & why?

They are longer form interviews - usually about 45 minutes.  It takes time to open the space in a way that clicks and to go a bit deeper than usual. Occasionally there will be a short form series of interviews. I also really like to keep the interviews only loosely edited. These are not intended to be shiny fancy things; these are real conversations with ordinary folks.  I am more and more wanting to preserve in the podcast a sense of the conversation having taken place in an actual place and time, with all the pauses and ums, and weird tangents and background noises that involves. I'm still experimenting with the technology that best enables that.

Where can I listen to the interviews?

  • Here on the website on The Interviews page. This is where all the interviews get posted.

  • At The more recent N&S interviews are hosted here.

  • These are the earlier N&S interviews.

  • All the stuff is posted on our FB page






Lindsey Peterson