An Interview with Melissa Duarte

Melissa's is a story of the places where reason and faith, art and science, book knowledge and lived bodily experience meet.

Born in those couple years that are this sort of gap place between Gen X and the Millennials, Melissa's formation and re-formation religiously is likely familiar many in their 30s.  Raised in the Catholic church, but always questioning it, for example.

She was formed deeply in the merits of evidence based medicine and science and yet also intuitsthere is something a little bit outside those bounds. As part of helping her children grasp that sense of something more which has been grounding for Melissa, she decided to have them baptized and participate in church even while she continues to keep organized religion at some distance. In her processing how near or how far to be from organized religion, Melissa's ability to hold the complexity of multiple identities and affiliations comes through.

Her full time jobs are as a mom to two young children and as a Doctor of Internal Medicine. She also recently decided to start a small business - that gives you a sense of her energy and ability!

We also touch on community - what it is and how she is finding it these days, the pain of things we just don't understand, and the need to teach people how to be kind.

Enjoy this None & Some Interview.

Lindsey Peterson