An Interview with Sujata Gidumal

Suji's is a story rich with the interplay of religious inheritance and choice.

Practicing pooja next to her grandfather and the other Sai Baba devotees of Montego Bay.
Entering The School of Practical Philosophy inspired by a kitchen remodel and her mother.
An insistence on questioning and reason passed down from her father
The call of meditation, mindfulness - is it eternal or transient?

Hindu, Spiritual, a little bit of Catholic, Rational, Scientific, Atheist, Seeker, Meditator, Doubter, Believer- the interplay of all these things and more…

A desire for understanding and intentionality - asking why do we do what we do, rather than going through the motions.

Spirituality as “meditation and reflecting on your actions and trying to pause throughout the day and being present”

Enjoy this None & Some Interview with Suji!

Lindsey Peterson