An Interview with Bryan Nurnberger

A secular-leaning religious formation,
artists, ministers, teachers,
The Lakota,
The Zapotec and Mixtec.
Home base & Netflix.

The negative potency of religious symbols and words,
trust given or denied by assumptions of religious identity - the past very much active in the present.

Fierce neutrality as a ground for building trust, along with persistence and patience in a place over time.

Ongoing attentiveness to the history of language, the associations of words with religions with intentions in a place over time.  

“How can it be that I’m in the Houston airport and they have a massage place and a lounge and unlimited amounts of food and 6 hours previous all the kids are naked and their bellies are filled with worms and nobody knows and nobody seems to care?”

how can that be?

Doing work for the long view, for the making real of futures within communities impoverished not only of material resources but of imaginative possibilities.

Constantly evolving, organizational reflection; there is no silver bullet, the illusory elevator speech.  Betting on the longer view.

The difficulty of speaking publicly about belief;
A formation in something beyond belief, more like action - what makes us willing to do the long, thoughtful work of making a positive impact on that lives of other another, especially those we could keep out of view?

Moved by the infuriating reality that some people do not have a viable way ahead - how can that be?

Bryan is Founder and President of Simply Smiles, a non-profit working to build bright futures for impoverished children, their families and communities primarily in Oaxaca, Mexico and on the Ceyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation in South Dakota.

Lindsey Peterson