An Interview with Meera Krishna

Birth, a death, big experiences as triggering self-reflection.
Musings on where morality comes from.
Scientific explanations and spiritual explorations
The comfort of knowing that there are other people who have experienced what you have experienced by fact of their being human.  
Is it an multi-faith relationship when neither of you really identifies with the religion?
Cultural christianity as a possibility.
Where are the lines between religious and cultural?
A perceived superficiality of the differences between religions,
religious identity as artificial / arbitrary.
The idea and reality of death;
the pleasure of an image of those who have died being cared for without necessarily knowing (or needing to know) if she believes that image to be true.
Culture and nature in tension around procreation,
the purpose of marriage,
changes in the compass of life.
The purpose of life as being for you to be fulfilled and happy - is that enough?
What of when it’s not about for our kids -
what are the motivators of goodness?
Being a good person for the partner you’ve chosen.
The joy of close relationship brings people together;
finding people who share our motivations and aspirations, that connectivity crosses boundaries.
Creating a human - how do you do that?!
What is the function of spirituality?

All this and more in a None & Some conversation with Meera.  

Who is Meera and how did some come to be interviewed for None & Some?

Meera is an MBA student at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

She is also married to my cousin, David.  It was in our conversations leading up to their wedding ceremony that Meera’s interestingness, intelligence and articulateness came through.