An Interview with Alex Fiorillo

Human centered design
masculine & feminine energies
and breaking out of those norms.
The World Bank
asking for help
resonance with words like “calling” and
creative collaborative interdependence.
Seeking a spiritual path
flow, synchronicity, tuning in.
How language becomes ours
tuning into our Power & understanding it
drawing from all sorts of religious & non-religious contexts
from all over the world.
Add in a little ritual and learning the message that it is good and worthy to be unique and a little bit different.

These are a few of the rich things that Alex brings to this None & Some conversation.

Who is Alex & how did she come to be interviewed for None & Some?

She is a behavioral science and human centered design specialist who serves as Director of GRID Impact. She is also a Senior Consultant to CGAP / World Bank in the areas of consumer protection, digital finance and behavioral research and design! 

We went to college together. Her FB feed was full of intriguing adventures so I asked her if she’d be willing to share some of her story and low and behold she was! Awesome.

An inspirational and rooted conversation & person.