An Interview with Peter Lane

Layers in this None & Some Project Conversation: 

A Catholic New England Upbringing
 - so much so that Mom and Dad insisted he go to Catholic college
and so Fordham it was. 

A Jesuit education that gave him spirituality where the institution had failed him. 

Keen observations of the deep connection between body and soul, sexuality and spirituality as he watched the priests and the nuns take refugee in the church; and as he witnessed himself and his mother come out. 

An increasing desire to live into the union of body & soul,  

A sadness, frustration, anger at how the institution, particularly Catholicism, has torn spirituality apart from sexuality. Observations of the deep harm this causes many, in particular the priests and nuns themselves. 

The pull of the institution and its value show up in the conversation including the reemergence of the language of faith as he writes music and performs it today. 

Gratitude expressed for those who live within the institution and yet open it up - for example one of his Jesuit teachers at Fordham who freed him from thinking he had to relate to the Bible literally, and the nuns who he wonders may eventual remake the institution, dismantling and reconfiguring the celibate male authority structure that is. 

A chosen love of mystery; to maintain a sense of there being something greater, something like god, without needing to define it.  Listen to Iris Dement’s Let the Mystery Be for a sense of what he means! 

Peter offers “involvement” as a beautiful word to describe one’s willingness to be in relationship. After a rather uninvolved life, protected, bounded, safe in its way - and for its good reasons at the time - Peter now desires to be involved in people, community. The accompanying trepidations of that process of involvement are real but the clarity of involvement being more valuable than distance is increasing. 

Finally, love after the election. Using language of his Christian formation, way back when, the notion of all being children of god, and that we are ultimately all children of god, even DT. He surprised himself with the depth of his feeling this. 

Enjoy, be nourished and allow the conversation to lead you where it does. 

- Lindsey

Lindsey Peterson