Queer Faith #2


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Here’s a little more to help you generate your story ideas: 

Queer:   different, out of the ordinary, both/and instead of either/or, quirky
Faith:     center, root, what we trust in, how we orient ourselves

How have you created your center out of your queerness? 
Where did the pieces of your faith come from? 
What did you leave out, what did you redefine? 

Maybe your Queer Faith is...
inherited and created, 
embodied and ethereal, 
freeing and captivating, 
ordered and chaotic, 
performative and private
atheist, monotheist, polytheist, pantheist, humanist…

Your queerness and your faith, your Queer Faith:
Begged, borrowed, stolen, 
Fierce and fabulous, 
all yours.

Submissions due Nov. 1st
Send a couple lines of your story to thenoneandsomeproject@gmail.com
The full story, told live, should be no more than 8 minutes long!
Storytellers will be notified by November 4th if your story has been selected. And those selected will get into the event free.

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Lindsey Peterson