It’s been a while since I’ve written here.

Things get in the way.

Fear gets in the way.

I listened again to Christian Wyman’s interview on On Being and this jumped at me:

Faith is not a state of mind but a movement toward the world.

Faith doesn't have objects, rather it is an orientation of your life.

The opposite of a faith-orientation is a fear-orientation.

I’ve been making too many decisions lately out of fear. Faith-oriented decisions feel different than fear-oriented ones, even if sometimes they move us in the same direction. They have a different quality of energy, of possibility - and it is not a naivete - but actually a very rigorous sense possibility. They recognize that another world is possible and enact it.

The wave of women who just got elected to Congress got me. They are my preachers now, calling me to again move toward the world; to live a faith orientation.

Lauren Underwood won the House seat in the 14th District of Illinois. A 32 year-old black woman and Democrat, she beat a four-term Republican incumbent (yes, white, male) in a very red part of the state. Rachel Maddow observes then asks Underwood, “As a woman of color running in this district, that itself has to have been such a steep climb. It’s an 86% white district. You’re running as a first time candidate, as a woman, as a young woman, as an African American Woman. I want to know whether or not that was daunting for you, whether that was a factor in terms of your confidence and your game plan?” Underwood responds:

Well, this is my community. It’s my home. My family moved to Naperville when I was 3 years old and so this is the community that taught me to be a black woman in the world. It certainly never crossed my mind that I was somehow not a good fit or unqualified to seek this seat and run for this position. So I stepped forward. And with the help of so many women in this district, we were able to do what many folks thought was never possible.

Amen to that.

Lindsey Peterson