For faith to take new forms


“I am convinced that the same god that might call me to sing of god might call me at another moment to sing of godlessness. And sometimes when I think of all this energy that’s going on, all these different people trying to find some way of naming and sharing their belief, I think it may be the case that god calls some people to unbelief in order that faith can take new forms.” - Christian Wiman.


This quote is captivating me. It's where I feel I am. It's the impulse out of which the None & Some Project came.

We are neither faithful or faithless, we are neither religious nor unreligious. We want some thing in that terrain that is not yet. We are being called to a certain kind of unbelief, to a quality of wandering and bumping about, to a lostness that has some distant hope of being the foundations of a new language that works for us - not only alone in our solitary quarters just choosing - but as a community that does not yet exist. 

The whole interview with Christian Wiman is worth listening to at On Being .



Lindsey Peterson