"As the complexity of our society becomes simpler"

“As the complexity of our society becomes simpler…” 

Dr. Peter T. Coleman spoke to underlying dynamics in the perception and fact of increased divisiveness in our culture. Coleman is trained in social-organizational psychology and studies complex systems, intractable problems and conflict resolution.  

As the complexity becomes simpler, we set ourselves up for increasing divisiveness.  

How to change this trajectory?

First to consider, with kindness, our own complexity. To allow, for example, that I may be a Massachusetts liberal but also harbor a complicated draw toward practices of faith and the traditions of a faith community. These two things: liberalness and religiousness, are not aligned with each other in our simplified categories. 

As the complexity of our society becomes simpler, as we loose the ability and insight to appreciate our own and others’ complexity, we loose the ability to connect, to communicate, to create and sustain community. 

Community requires an appreciation of complexity. 

Lindsey Peterson