The NOne & Some Project is a conversation about How we know, HOw we are moved, and HOw we are drawn together. 

Lindsey Peterson writes and hosts interviews for the NOne & Some Project here, focusing in on the individual's nuanced experience of these big themes


Listening & The Indigo Girls

May 17th, 2016

As one who loves the Indigo Girls and who has found music to be the most consistent and persistent thread in how I relate to spirituality and am nourished by religion, I found this little vignette of a conversation between Indigo Girl Emily Saliers and her dad, Don Saliers, spot on in its expressed desire for a deeper, more imaginative listening to one another.   - Lindsey

“We are both, perhaps with our different accents, Emily and I, concerned with the cultural captivity of the church, the loss of imagination, the loss of willingness to listen to each other at another level. There’s to much pontificating and not enough listening to one another. And, if music has to do with anything it has to do with listening, listening across generations, across racial lines, across ethic lines, across genres…”

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